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Guaranteed Self-Confidence in 60 Seconds

The Iron Lady

Want to get Guaranteed Self-Confidence in 60 Seconds? Well there’s only one place you’re going to get it and it’s not Oprah, not Dr Phil, not Tony Robbins, not the latest self-help book you’ve just bought…

You Must Build Relationships That Matter

Building Relationships That Matter

Do you build relationships that matter? Do you have a growing network that counts, that adds value, the delivers and grows value to the lives of others? If not, why not? These are the relationships that count, the ones that truly make the difference between failure and success.

Why a Negative Attitude is Such a Waste of Time

Ditch the Negative Attitude

People say that we have to have an open mind, be positive, grab life and make it ours; but does it mean anything? Does avoiding a negative attitude really make life that much more productive and fulfilling? If so then what is it about being open-minded that makes success far more achievable than not? Let’s discuss this today.

You Have to Under-Achieve to Taste Success!

Little Steps to Success

Many people don’t succeed, primarily, because they’ve never tasted success. They don’t know what it feels like to have that rush that comes when you achieve but even the smallest of victories. But you can change that! You can turn that around – today.

How to Obliterate Negative Feedback and Become a Better Person

Overcoming Negativity

It’s coming up to the new year and around this time we all start thinking about the year that’s fast approaching. There’s such desire to do new, different and zany things. We are filled with the desire to set new goals so that we can craft our new year in to the one that the current one, maybe, wasn’t. But what do you do when people hit you with negative feedback and stomp on your dreams?

You Must Let the Past Be the Past

Let the past be the past

Yes, you heard it right – you must let the past be the past. Why? Have you ever felt trapped? Have you ever felt the desire to succeed? You’ve worked really hard at it, you’ve sacrificed, you’ve given up your time, money, evenings and mornings – because you really wanted to succeed at something. But something’s wrong.

Cognitive Dissonance – How it impacts your life!

Cognitive Dissonance copyright funky64

Do you feel that there is a discrepancy between your thoughts (or beliefs) and your actions? If so, then you may be suffering from Cognitive Dissonance. Today we look at what it is and how it can affect the achievement of your dreams and goals.