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I’m the Newest Wizpert

We're a Wizpert

Well, I’m quite excited to say that I’ve got some great news to share – I am now a Wizpert expert! For those of you who don’t know, Wizpert is a pretty new site that allows people to chat with experts on all sorts of topics, like cooking, nutrition, travel, career and technology!

You Need Focus to Achieve Your Goals!

You Need to Focus to Achieve Your Goals

Focus, it’s very very important! Why? With it you have more time and you stay on track and achieve your goals. But how do you do this? How do you say no instead of yes? Come and find out why and how.

Why a Negative Attitude is Such a Waste of Time

Ditch the Negative Attitude

People say that we have to have an open mind, be positive, grab life and make it ours; but does it mean anything? Does avoiding a negative attitude really make life that much more productive and fulfilling? If so then what is it about being open-minded that makes success far more achievable than not? Let’s discuss this today.

You Must Let the Past Be the Past

Let the past be the past

Yes, you heard it right – you must let the past be the past. Why? Have you ever felt trapped? Have you ever felt the desire to succeed? You’ve worked really hard at it, you’ve sacrificed, you’ve given up your time, money, evenings and mornings – because you really wanted to succeed at something. But something’s wrong.

The Importance of Constructive Feedback

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When people give you constructive feedback about your ideas what do you do? Do you take it to heart, do you give up, do you learn from it and become better than before? In this post we discuss the importance of constructive feedback and how you can make the most of it.

2 Steps to Find Your Clarity of Purpose

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You can have all the energy, passion and enthusiasm that you want, but if the energy is dissipated over a series of unrelated or pointless pursuits, then it’s no good to your or to anyone else. So how do you find clarity of purpose? How do you find your true goals? Read on and find out.

A Day Dreamer – Living with his Head in the Clouds

My year 5 report

Is it wrong to be a day dreamer? No! But when that’s all your doing, it doesn’t help. Find out how to stay a day dreamer yet achieve practical, realistic goals.