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Why Focused Education Will Annihilate Your Doubts

Focused Education

You put in the long hours, up early in the morning, working all through the day and don’t finish till late at night. Each and every day you’re putting in your best, making sacrifices, slogging it out in the trenches; but for all your great efforts, you’re not getting results and the doubt demons are drawing closer, closer and closer.

Guaranteed Self-Confidence in 60 Seconds

The Iron Lady

Want to get Guaranteed Self-Confidence in 60 Seconds? Well there’s only one place you’re going to get it and it’s not Oprah, not Dr Phil, not Tony Robbins, not the latest self-help book you’ve just bought…

Keep Calm and Carry On

Keep Calm and Carry On

If you’re not familiar with this propoganda poster, it was produced by the English government’s Ministry of Information during the second world war should the Germans begin to invade England. However, as the tide of the war turned, the poster was withdrawn. However a few copies were found and in recent years here in the…

5 Questions You Need to Identify Your Unique Selling Proposition?

What is Your Unique Selling Proposition

What is the Strongest Personality Trait I Have? Are you: Vivacious Talkative An in-depth thinker An ultra-efficient planner Widely read Highly educated Not tertiary educated A go-getter A natural networker A people person Extremely fit Well travelled What is it and how can you use it to gain a unique insight and an original perspective…

Dealing with Difficult People and Situations

Dealing with Difficult People and Situations

When we are no longer able to change a situation – we are challenged to change ourselves. Viktor Frankl Often times the challenge in dealing with difficult people isn’t so much them, but us. Michael Jackson said it well, “I’m looking at the man in the mirror, I’m asking him to change his ways” Now…

You Must Build Relationships That Matter

Building Relationships That Matter

Do you build relationships that matter? Do you have a growing network that counts, that adds value, the delivers and grows value to the lives of others? If not, why not? These are the relationships that count, the ones that truly make the difference between failure and success.

Why a Negative Attitude is Such a Waste of Time

Ditch the Negative Attitude

People say that we have to have an open mind, be positive, grab life and make it ours; but does it mean anything? Does avoiding a negative attitude really make life that much more productive and fulfilling? If so then what is it about being open-minded that makes success far more achievable than not? Let’s discuss this today.