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Hello and Welcome

I’m Matt and I heartily welcome you to The Dreamers Manifesto. The Dreamers Manifesto is for anyone that’s ever dared to dream; dared to dream a dream for a life better than what they were born in to and better than what they experience each and every day. In short, a strong desire to practically build your dreams.

It’s for those that have a yearning inside to reach out and to achieve so very many special and meaningful things in their lives.

Now for some of us, this is travelling the world, creating world-spanning businesses or becoming an astronaut and reaching out in to outer space.

For others of us, it’s about finding that special someone and having 1, 2, even 3, beautiful children and raising them in a home that is all your own, without the worries that money seems to so often bring.

Do you have these dreams? Then this site is for you. So often in this modern, crazy, mad world, we grow up too fast in order to do the practical and responsible things we’re often told from birth. We push our dreams aside to do the right thing. I’m here to help you get back in touch with those dreams and show you that you can be a dreamer and a practical goal setter.

I’m here to help you find that little child inside us that you may have let go of to become an adult; the one that yearns to be heard, who will, if we let them, give us all the inspiration and ideas that we need and tell us the right path to go on.

But Dreams alone are Not Enough

Now you may think that none of this is new, there are countless other blogs and sites out there all claiming to do just this, so why another site about it? Well my particular focus in this site is for the dreamer that all too often spends too much time in the dream and far too little time in the design, planning and execution of the dream.

We’ve all had the experience of seeing magical visions of life as it could be, yet when it came to the crunch, we do far too little, if anything, to actually figure out how to make our dreams a reality. We don’t take the action required to make them real. We all to often find the dream the place where we stay and don’t commit to doing what we need to to realise them. Well this site is here to help you move past that and learn how to build your dreams.

What is a dreamer?

I think it’s important, before I go too much further, to define what a dreamer, in the context of this site, is. According to dictionary.com there are two broad definitions of a dreamer:

  1. A person who dreams
  2. A person who lives in a world of fantasy; one who is impractical and unrealistic

Now the second one I’m not concerned with. I don’t want you to think that I’m after people who live in a fantasy land or that if you’re a dreamer that’s all you are and will ever be. Because you are not and need not be that way for long.

I’m building this site for and eagerly want to work with the person that has dreamsambitions and expectations for their life; dreams, ambitions and expectations that may be, as yet, unfulfilled; yet which needn’t stay that way. I’m talking to the person who feels, who believes in their gut that the goalshopes and aspirations that they have in their mind are not only worthwhile, but truly attainable and they’re ready, able and willing to get in and do something about it – they’re ready to work to build their dreams until become real.

If that’s you, then I welcome you aboard our good ship ‘the dreamers manifesto‘ and hope that you’ll join in and stay with us, so that together, we can help each other refine our dreams and turn them in to our daily realities. Do I have all the answers? NO! And I won’t lie to you or pretend that I do. But I have enough experience building my own dreams to want to help you combined with a strong desire to do so.

The Mission

So The Dreamers Manifesto’s mission is to assist you to learn how to practically go about taking your dreams, one-by-one, and helping you plan out and implement them until you’re doing it on auto-pilot. It took me years to get out of dreaming too much and in to planning, goal setting and action taking, through which I’ve been able to start to achieve, but a fraction of, the dreams that I hold dear.

I call you to have not only dreams, but goals that are organised and backed by focused action. I want to show you what make us who we are and what makes us different from the rest of the population. I seek to give you practical advice on how to define and live the dreams in your mind; tools to help you do what you need to, interviews with people and mentors that are and have done what you want to do and books, ebooks and podcasts to inform and inspire you to be your best and to keep going during those times when you just want to give it all away. Want more information, check out the getting started page for a wealth of knowledge on what you’ll find here.

Let Your Dreams Take Flight

So please join in and begin to take the dreams from your mind in to your daily life. Need help getting started? You’ll find all that you need over on the getting started page. Alternatively, you can contact me via the contact page, or follow me on Twitter (join in too) and get in to the conversation on Facebook. If you’re keen, then you can find out a bit more about me on my personal page here on the site.

In your journey, I wish you all the very best.

Your friend,


“The Eternal Dreamer”