What is Your Focus?

What is Your Focus

Where there is no vision, the people perish – Proverbs 29:18

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What Is Your Focus

I’m curious, what is your focus? Do you really know what you’re out to achieve? Do you have a clear, focused, organised and transparent perspective about what it is that you’re seeking to achieve.

Alternatively, are you forever:

  • Caught up in a flurry of activity
  • Doing ‘things
  • Running from meeting to meeting
  • Attending countless networking events
  • Writing code
  • Learning new skills
  • …and so on

But are you actually sure what your end point, ultimate goal, aim is?

I ask this, because for myself recently that question came racing home at a thousand kilometres per/hour. I thought that I had a direction with a clear goal, but it became apparent that i didn’t. I’ve been lost in a crazy amount of activity daily, wondering why I haven’t been getting the success that I want; only to discover that I’ve not been completely clear on what I truly want to achieve – though I thought that I was. That’s begun to change, but it’s important to ask the following question:

What Is Your Focus?

So, what is it? Can you articulate it quickly, succinctly, precisely, in 60 seconds or less? If not, perhaps it’s time to revisit it. I stay focused by not only implementing the techniques described above but also by using a dietary supplement that is clinically tested to support memory, focus, processing speed and overall cognitive health known as Alpha Brain for more information visit top-nootropics.com for a full Alpha Brain product review.

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