You Have to Under-Achieve to Taste Success!

Little Steps to Success

How do you eat an Elephant? One bite at a time of course! - anon

I’m a big fan of Robert Kiyosaki, having read many of the Rich Dad Poor Dad series. He gives great advice on properly understanding finances and money in order to give yourself a great life, both now and well in to the future. Well I was quite taken by some advice he gave recently. It is this:

Don’t set some ambitious goals.  Just set your sight on something that’s so easy, so effortless, that it’s really impossible for you to not achieve it. That’s how you can build up the Habit of Winning.

This I believe is timeless advice. So often, we think and are taught that to achieve all that we must in life, we have to set extremely ambitious goals and write extensive todo lists. Yet how often do we go through this process, only to feel overwhelmed by it all. We set these goals, get all revved up about the possibilities of what we’re going to achieve, only to feel deflated after, as we stare up a proverbial mountain of work that will be required to achieve these lofty dreams.

Now I’m not exclusively for either camp of thought; I see great benefits in both approaches. But when you’re getting started, as we are here, you need to give yourself the chance to taste success.

Do You Know What Success Tastes Like?

When I was in grade 10 Geography, I had a very wise teacher, who reflected on her experience of many years. She believed that many people don’t succeed, primarily, for the fact that they’ve never tasted success, so they don’t know what it feels like. They don’t know what it feels like to have that rush that comes when you achieve but even the smallest of victories.

Without those modest, foundational, rewards there is no basis to build up from and inspire you on to greater successes. From my own experience, working down the eastern seaboard of Australia and here in London and from travelling to many countries, I agree with her.

Beat Depression by Tasting Success

In the western world especially (as my experience is primarily from this sphere) we’re told that to be a successful and full person, we need to have and desire to have so many things. Combine that with having limited, if any, success in actually achieving anything, is it little wonder that, according to clinical depression uk:

  • 10 times more people suffer from major depression now than in 1945
  • Major depression be the 2nd most disabling condition in the world by 2020, behind heart disease

Also, according to an article on the BBC:

The World Health Organization predicts that within 20 years more people will be affected by depression than any other health problem.

Now, I’m neither a mental health expert or psychiatrist, but I’m confident that through getting a good taste of success in your life, that you’re likely to be better able to feel more rounded and capable irrespective of your current station in life.

Start Becoming an Achiever Today

So how do you start turning yourself in to an achiever and start tasting success?

  1. Take a good hard look at yourself as you are today – especially at those dreams and goals that you have
  2. Find the simplest 2 on that faded list you have in your notebook in the second drawer down
  3. Put a date on them within a short period of time, ideally not more than one month – otherwise this will drag out
  4. Break the goals down in to the simplest, bite-sized pieces you can
  5. Do one of the little pieces each day and for every little piece you achieve, give yourself a good cheer on

When you’ve achieved the first goal, don’t stop one day; Immediately the next day, get started on the next one and the same again until the third is done. When you’ve achieved all three kick up your feet, give yourself a good pat on the back and a very visible, yet simple, reward for your new-found success; because you’ve succeeded! Don’t say to yourself, “Oh, it’s really not that much“. That would be to cheat yourself out of your victory. Because now you’re well on the way to building up the habit of winning.

Well, What Are You Waiting For?

Get off that couch, put down that iPhone or iPad, whip out your pen an paper, write the list, slap it up on your wall where you’ll see it every day and don’t stop until you’ve won! Already done it? Are you underway and already tasting success? Share it in the comments. Look forward to hear your successes soon.

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