It’s Time to Write Your Bucket List

Are you familiar with the movie starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman – The Bucket List? If not, then if you want to both laugh and cry, grab a copy of it today. Both Nicholson and Freeman turn in stellar performances of two characters who wind up next to each other in a hospital ward when they potentially only have a few months left to live.

Jack Nicholson plays a millionaire entrepreneur who has it all, yet no real friends and no one to care for him. Morgan Freeman plays a hard working family man, surrounded by a warm, tender family that cares for him more than he can ever know.

Yet here both of them are next to each other, equally as likely to see the end of their life approach just as quickly as the other. Despite these different backgrounds and temperaments, they form an unlikely friendship – primarily based on their shared situation in life.

During the forming of the friendship, they realise that there are so many things that neither of them have done for one reason or another. Given the fortune that Nicholson’s character has available, they decide to set out and work through their bucket lists together before they die.

You don’t have to die to write a bucket list

But unlike these two loveable characters, you don’t need to wait until you knocking on deaths door to write your bucket list and set off in pursuit of it. No matter whether you’re young or old, single, married or divorced, employer or employee – a bucket list is something that all of us should have.

Why? Well because through looking at a good bucket list, we can get to know what’s really important to us, what we want to make out of life and what we want to leave behind as a legacy for after we’re gone – as all of us at some time will be.

It doesn’t have to be all serious

But before you read this and think that this is a serious session, a “what am I going to do with my life” type of post, it’s not. So don’t worry. Bucket lists are also a fun opportunity to either individually, or with friends and family, sit down and look over the whole gammut of possibilities that there are in the world that you can do, see, experience, taste, travel to, try out and so on.

They give you the chance to never let go of that child-like quality that is there in all of us; that quality that’s always searching, always curious and ever adventurous. You get to list out a wild set of things that you want to do in your life between now till you die (or you finish the list) and you afford yourself the opportunity to really sink your teeth in to life and suck out the wondrous juices of it all. After all, what’s really stopping you – except you.

Get Started Today!

So what are you going to put on your bucket list? Are you going to travel, learn, eat, meet, see, hear – what? If it’s of any help, here’s a few of the things that are on my bucket list and also a few that I ticked off. Some I have pictures for and some – well, they’re yet to come so I don’t yet.

  • Live in another country (England and I’m soon relocating to Germany)
  • Get Married (well, I’m engaged and the wedding date’s getting closer)
  • Fill my passport with foreign stamps – I’ve covered, amongst other places:
    • Prague – Czech Republic
    • Nuremberg, Berlin, Frankfurt – Germany
    • Paris, Caen, Dinan, Dinard – France
    • London, Manchester, Portsmouth, Cardiff, Belfast, Liverpool – United Kingdom
    • Seoul – South Korea
    • Hong Kong
    • Singapore
  • Work in different cities: Brisbane, Sydney, London
  • Sky Dive
  • Bungee Jump
  • Start a business (Malt Blue Limited)
  • Be fluent in multiple languages – I’m currently learning German

What’s going to be on your list?

So, what’s going to be on it? What excites you, inspires you, leaves you longing for more, keeps you up at night and gets you up early in the morning? Drop a comment with what inspires you.

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